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TSE 2017


#TiredButInspired. That is the hashtag I came up with to describe how I felt as I stood waiting for my Uber driver to take me back to the airport in Los Angeles. I had arrived in LA five days earlier, with a great sense of anticipation and enthusiasm for the week I was about to experience..and it did not disappoint. I was attending The Special Event (TSE) which is an outstanding convention of event professionals from all over the world. People from many different occupations within the industry would be joining together to learn, network and find inspiration among their peers. However, before I would head down to Long Beach, I first had the opportunity to meet with one of the top event designers/producers in Los Angeles (and the country, to be honest).

Display at TSE 2017

Display at TSE 2017

The event industry is quite new as far as professions go. Most people would consider it less than 30 years old. In that short time, it has grown and evolved and we as event professionals are continuing to do so as well. Being from a small town in Michigan, I find it extremely important to be in touch with what is occurring in the industry around the country. And I continue to further my education by attending these conferences and also reaching out to the more veteran designers who I know can teach me a great deal. This is how I came to meet with David Merrell of AOO Events. He was kind enough to show me around his warehouse and for me to see how another, larger event company operates. We discussed different areas of design and business operations. And I am excited to use what I learned to grow my own company and streamline our processes.

After my enlightening conversation, I headed down to Long Beach. From there, it was a whirlwind of events,

Sky Dancer with Lighting at TSE 2017

conference sessions and social gatherings. I recently came to the realization that the average person does not get to experience the types of events that I see when I attend these conferences. When you bring in event professionals from different disciplines and locations, you get to see a multitude of fresh ideas and products. From first thing in the morning until as late as 3 a.m., I was doing all I could to soak up as much information and inspiration as possible. I find that I gain as much from spending time listening to the speakers as I do sitting in the hotel lobby casually discussing the challenges and opportunities in this industry at 2 a.m.. I have met event professionals from all over the country (and world) and their unique perspectives have helped me shape who I am as a designer and how I run my company.

Kate Walski, Derek Woodruff and Industry Friends

Event décor companies are like snowflakes. No two are exactly the same. The services we offer, the products in our inventory, how we operate and the education and experience we bring to the table vary greatly. There is no manual to tell me how to do exactly what I do. As an event design house, we are a jack of all trades. As we expand our inventory to include the latest and greatest products and we continue to learn all about the upcoming wedding and event trends, we can promise our clients that we are doing everything we can to deliver events that are on point yet also unique. We connect and collaborate to be inspired to create our own amazing events.


It is with a renewed spirit and a greater determination that I write 

Floral Wall

this post. It is my promise to myself to not let our company get stagnant. The events industry is always moving forward and we will keep focused on the future. We love what we do. And even though we may be from a small town, we do not think small. We will push ourselves to deliver the best for our clients.

I gave this past week my all, despite how exhausting it was. Because that’s what event professionals do. This job may sound “fun” but my colleagues and I work extremely hard to create and produce events like you have never seen. If I had left my conference with any more energy, then I would not feel like I had given it my all. I may be tired, but I am ever so inspired! In the coming weeks, I will be discussing more about what I have learned and hope to inspire you as well, so be sure to check back!

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