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Number One Wedding Trend

The Number One Wedding Trend

As an event professional, I am often asked what is currently trending in the industry and when it comes to weddings, there is one trend that will never go out of style. No, unfortunately it’s not mason jars, burlap or chalkboards, or even bohemian lounges or sequins and sparkles. The number one wedding trend is and will always be: personalization.

I’m not referring to printed cocktail napkins or monogram letters, although if that’s your style – go for it! I am talking about making your wedding personal to you and your fiance. This is your day. In the age of Pinterest, it is so easy to get caught up with what everyone else is doing. You are bombarded by photos of the same ideas and images, which are gorgeous – we, too, find inspiration there, but if you were to truly ask yourselves what your style is, you may surprise yourself – it may be completely different than anything you see online.

I met with a wonderful bride recently who, in the initial planning stages, was requesting wood slices and birch vases and rustic décor. However, when we had the opportunity to sit down and discuss her décor in more detail, I began to see that rustic didn’t really suit her and her fiance. That’s not to say that they wouldn’t have appreciated the rustic décor, but if they were to look back on their wedding 20 years from now, they would probably look at a wedding that was created by the trends at the time, not based on their unique relationship and personalities.

Wedding professionals at this point are used to seeing the same photos time and time again of inspiration that our clients have found online. Which is a great starting point. You may love that look, but if you work with an event designer, you take some of those elements that served as your starting inspiration and combine them with personalized factors to create an event that is distinctively you. In order to achieve this, however, you need to look past the extravagant florals, linens and chandeliers and first start by figuring out your own style.

So, how do you figure out what is your style? Look at how you decorate your home, the clothes you wear, and the types of stores that you are drawn to. Think about what is special between you and your partner. What funny stories have you shared? What places do you love? Where have you traveled together? Maybe you have a special song. Each relationship has a story and that should be represented the day you are taking your vows. Before you get sucked into the Pinterest black hole, give yourself some time to reflect on what you want your wedding to express about who the two of you are. Let that shine through.

So next time you are scanning Pinterest for the “most amazing centerpiece”, don’t get too caught up on what everyone else is doing. Work with a designer who will take the time to understand your story and can create a beautiful setting based on that. Find your own flair. I can promise you that personalizing your day will never go out of style.


Photograph by Dan and Melissa Photography

Shown in Photo: Ceremony Floral Backdrop Design by Darling Botanical & 307 Events

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