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Lumberjack Chic Holiday Tablescape

If you have been living under a rock, or avoiding calendars in pure denial, I think it is important to let you know Christmas is 5 days away.  I repeat, 5 days away!  Yes friends, we have less than a week until families take over our homes in what hopes to be a merry occasion.  But let’s face it, sometimes it’s more of a grin-and-bear-it situation.  Whatever your family dynamics may be, the one sure thing is that you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  So despite passive aggressive comments from Aunt Susie, Uncle George drinking a smidge too much, or the nephews secretly trying to watch the football game on their phone under the table, you can be assured you have done your part to foster a cozy and welcoming environment.  If you are like any other overworked, under-appreciated mother you may find yourself in a mad rush to wrap 437 presents for everyone you know.  From the UPS driver who has certainly earned his Christmas bonus due to your abuse of Amazon Prime, to your neighbors…children’s teachers…your family… don’t forget your co-workers…maybe your boss…and the list goes on.  After you’ve planned and shopped and wrapped all these gifts you realize you really don’t have time to clean the house.  Or at least, not how you’d like to and certainly not to your mother-in-law’s standards.  Frankly, probably not even to the 5-year-old neighbor-next-door’s standard, who has been known to occasionally point out the flaws in your cleaning.  (Seriously, go home Billy.  Like your mom’s house is really that clean…I mean, come on.)

So there you are, company is coming, the house is barely passable and you have got to do something about it.  Sure, you could do the mad dash around the house, yelling at the children to grab brooms, vacuums, rags…(whatever…just do something).  Or you could go for the art of distraction.  If you can create a Pinterest-worthy tablescape your guests will be too busy complimenting you (while cursing you under their breath for being so amazing and wondering how you do it all) to even notice the dust bunnies in the corner.  With this we can assist you!  We have a list of must-haves to make your table warm, cozy, unique, a true show stopper! I mean, as the host isn’t that the goal?

This year we decided to go with a Lumberjack Chic look.  What is that you ask?  Is that really a thing?  Yes, it is and if it wasn’t before it totally is now!  We drew our inspiration from the flannel and plaid trends we have been seeing in the stores, and online, and on pretty much everyone.  So, we snapped it up and dressed it up!  When it comes to decor don’t be afraid to take something unusual and glam it up, that’s how you come up with the most pinned design on Pinterest.  Here’s how we did it:

        1. Tablecloth – You could go with the classic and safe option and pull out your family’s heirloom tablecloths.  That’s always a great option.  But if you want to mix it up we recommend grabbing a fun print tablecloth, like this St. Nicholas Square Buffalo Check from Kohl’s.  We purchased it for $19.99 on sale, Kohl’s always has a sale (as if I even needed to say that).  Stack on a coupon or two and you could snag this for even less.  This tablecloth comes in different sizes so you should be able to find one to suit the size of your table.  Before you even head out, we suggest measuring your table, it is important to know what you are working with.


2. Now that we have down our base, let’s talk about plates.  What do you have?  If you have some floral patterned china handed down through the generations, you may need to lovingly set that aside for this occasion and hunt for something that brings a woodsy vibe.  Who would have thought that Pier One would be selling plates with deer, foxes and a snowy forest on them or that I would be purchasing them?  But I had to have them, they went perfectly with my vision.  Additionally I found these octagonal silver chargers that just happened to fall into my basket.  Crazy how that happens, right?  But the silver chargers topped with red chargers I already had on hand (you can find them at Michael’s) meshed perfectly with the gray-blue plates from our inventory and my newly acquired woodland plates.  Is it necessary to have 4 plates total, 2 of which are chargers?  Of course not, but those layers look soooo good together!

3.  Napkins – If you are a decor maven you will already have some neutral napkins stashed away.  If you are a decor maven-in-training we think having a basic napkin set in black, white or ivory is an excellent idea and a great investment.  As someone who owns a decor company, my tip to anyone who enjoys entertaining is to choose a few good neutral basics that you can mix and match with statement pieces.  It’s just more economical that way.  For our Lumberjack Chic, we decided to use a black napkin to complement the black in the Buffalo Check.

4.  Silverware – Most likely you are going to work with what you have here.  Silverware sets are a bit more expensive and if you have a classic silver or gold flatware set it would still look absolutely lovely.  But if you have extra money in the budget or are looking to go all out, purchasing a fun silverware set is a great way to add more personality to the table.  We found this amazing Roof Flatware set at Pier One that went perfectly with our woodsy yet chic aesthetic.

5. Mugs – You probably have lots of mugs and glassware.  Hopefully you even have a matching set.  If you don’t, is it too late to ask for a matching set of mugs for Christmas?  Something simple, remember your base pieces!  Should you wish to add more flare to your table, then splurge on these classy Moscow Mule Mugs with a twist.  They are gunmetal instead of copper and they are to die for!

6.  Now let’s talk about flowers!  I was so excited to partner with Derek Woodruff and  46 & Spruce to create centerpieces for the table.  Derek used these vases from 46 & Spruce, dressed in linen jackets and filled them with beautiful Christmas flowers like amaryllis. (More about his floral design and the vases here)


7.  Once the flowers were arranged we added more warmth to the table with a mixture of candlesticks and smaller votive candles.   We really love the varying heights and the soft glow, it really adds dimension and lends a sense of coziness to the atmosphere.   I happened to have these candlesticks in my inventory, they are no longer available but I’m sure you could find something similar.  We also supplemented with smaller black mercury glass votive holders from Etsy.  We really liked the simplistic elegance of the glass and the depth provided by the black votives.


Behind the table you will notice a mantle and fireplace.  Derek started out the decor with the Merry & Bright Spruce Box, which we love!  Hopefully you are reading this with just enough time to order one!  If not keep following us for more items like this in the future (I know we should have put this together sooner but I am one of those overworked, under-appreciated moms responsible for buying 437 gifts.  I’ll be better next time, I promise)!  To continue filling in the mantle, we used a pennant made by Eve at The Fabric Menagerie.  We love pennants!  They say fun and festive without glitter all over your home.  In addition to the pennant we also scored these adorable fabric trees from Eve.  Soooo perfect, traditional yet whimsical!  And then of course, more votives and flowers.  At the base of the fireplace we placed some wooden crates and boxes as well as lanterns and more trees.  Lanterns are a functional and beautiful addition to decor setup.


So that’s it!  Those are the steps we took to create this super warm and cozy look.  It’s got some masculinity to it but is softened by the flowers and candle accents.  The perfect look for when you are hosting a wide a variety of guests.  You could even add more wood elements to create a more rustic look or add sequins to really glam it up.  But we are obsessed with how it turned out!  So, take a quick inventory of what you already have then head to the store armed with a plan.  Good luck, have fun and Happy Holidays!


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