Why 307?

From Sweet Themes to 307 Events

Why 307? In order to explain how we got here, we need to start with where we came from.


Three years ago we began our journey and it has been nothing short of amazing! We originally started out with the vision of creating smaller, themed events and renting out rustic wedding décor items. As time passed, I (drastically) increased our inventory and expanded the scope of our services in order to meet the needs of the ever-growing event industry in Northern Michigan. At one point, Sweet Themes was a suitable name for a boutique wedding décor company, but as our business changed, I realized we were outgrowing our name.


A Rustic Twist on a Beach Ceremony


Pairing Wine Barrels & Hops for a Fun Corporate Display

The Rebranding Begins

As the rebranding process started, we spent a great deal of time researching potential name ideas. We wanted to choose a name that was not strictly corporate nor too wedding-focused… without being “too modern” or “too quaint”. Because we provide décor for all different types of events and styles, we didn’t want our name to define us; we wanted to define our name.

I started to think about what matters the most to me and to my company.

Top on the list was the area where we live: Traverse City.

The Pieces Begin to Fall Together

We are so fortunate to live in this amazing place, right along the coast of Lake Michigan. While searching for ways the new 307 Events brand could represent Northern Michigan’s uniqueness, I found out that Lake Michigan is 307 miles long. With that realization, I knew that 307 would be a part of the new name, especially because that number has a personal significance for me.

Not only is 307 representative of our hometown, where most of our events take place, those numbers are also a part of my Birthday, my Wedding Anniversary, and even the address of our studio.


This number represents who I am, where I came from, my family and where my business has changed and grown. 307 — This is my number, and the essence of who I am has shaped how this company has grown and changed so I found it only fitting to evolve into what we are now: 307 Events.

Kate Walski, Owner of 307 Events