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2017: The Year of Mixing (Metals, Bridesmaid Dresses, Desserts…)

Every so often a Wedding Trend comes along that completely changes the game. 2017’s newest wedding trend is one that we as event designers are over-the-moon excited about. It gives us a chance to really get creative and help our couples to show off their personality and style in a way that is completely customizable.
2017 is the year of mixing it up. Whether it be a nontraditional bridal party, the dresses or tuxes that they’re wearing, fun dessert table offerings or the metals on your candles – we are all about mixing. Let’s dig a little deeper into a few ways you can mix it up at your wedding!


Bridesmaid Dresses

This isn’t new to 2017, but is becoming more and more common and we truly hope that mixed bridesmaid dresses are here to stay! Whether you’re providing your wedding party with a color swatch (an easy way to do this is to ask your linen provider to send you one that matches the color of your linens/napkins to ensure that the color of your maids dresses won’t clash with your décor) and letting them choose a dress that fits your style and flatters their body type, or selecting one dress available in the different colors represented at your wedding, it’s hard to go wrong with mixed maids’ dresses.

We recommend having your bridesmaids send you a photo of the dresses they find for final approval to eliminate the chance of duplicates and to make sure they’re on the right track as far as your dress code (you don’t want your maids in sundresses if your guests are showing up in formal wear!).

This goes for tuxes, socks, cuff links, etc. as well – get funky, men!


Bridal Parties

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2017 is taking bridal party mixing one step further with the nontraditional approach of mixing genders in bridal parties. It’s a thought that has crossed more than a few brides’ minds: “But what about my best guy friend?” Traditionally, your bride squad is made of your closest gal pals, but mixing genders in bridal parties is becoming more and more normal – especially for more casual celebrations., ladies. If your best friends include an awesome male, have him suit up and join your side! Same for you, gentleman – have a lovely lady who has been there through thick and thin? Invite her to stand by you on the most important day of your life.


Dessert Tables

We love a gorgeous, traditional cake as much as the next person (especially if it has fruit filling and is from one of these amaaaaazing local bakeries), but there is something extra personal about offering multiple dessert offerings that represent the treats in which you and your fiancé truly love indulging.

Many couples choose Northern Michigan as a destination wedding location because of vacations they took here as children, or memories at a cabin that their family owned. A lot of the time, there is a certain treat they remember as a staple of their summers here – whether it’s some cherry pie, s’mores by the campground, or a scoop of Moomers’ Ice Cream. A mixed dessert bar allows you to incorporate those details into your wedding and give your guests a slice (pun totally intended) of the place you love so much!

Not feeling nostalgic? Multiple cake flavors can add some extra flair to your big day (and give your guests options to choose from in case carrot cake isn’t their absolute favorite).



mixed metals table

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Ooooo this may be the icing on the mixed-details cake. We are loving hearing our brides say “what about a combination of…”

Mixing metals/colors of your décor allows you to truly customize your wedding and add in subtle colors without going completely overboard. One of our favorite combinations lately is a mix of gold/champagne mercury glass votive holders – all different sizes and designs – with a pop of blush or raspberry.


Mixing metals and colors lets you express yourself while still remaining true to your style. Vintage, formal, bohemian, whatever it may be, there’s a mixing option available.


Interested in mixing things up but don’t know where to start? Give us a call. We’d love to help you to embrace your style, stay up to date on the latest wedding trends, and bring it to life on your big day!

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